Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally, some completed projects

Just a short post today so you can all see how busy I've been. Completed and mailed off my October Fun Food Theme Happy Blocks to the 2 lucky winners, Barb McF and Gerda. My fabric was blackberries, raspberries, and currents.

Have my November Autumn in the Country theme blocks done with a plaid center and autumn leaves bordering. I love these. I hope I can win this month and collect all these Fall color blocks.

Finished and mailed out my Halloween Trick or Treat Swap to --------. Just a peek at what I made until Susan or my swap partner lets me know the package has been received. This was such a fun swap, I hope Susan at Blackberry Creek
makes this an annual event. I think Halloween is my favorite holiday after Christmas.

I'm working diligently on my ALQS piece. This is the fabric I chose. I'll have more pics later.

And I just finished off a piece for Toni, The Quilting Pirate and her Miniature Booty Swap. That goes in the mail Tuesday when the PO re-opens after our Columbus Day holiday. Pictures to follow.

Katie says she doesn't like it when I hand sew 'cause I won't let her play with the thread, so I have to go find some more fabric for her to play with. She is getting grumpy lately when she doesn't have a project to lay on--er, I mean quality control check.

Until next time......
Happy Quilting,

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