Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer swaps.....

are so much fun!  We've run two on my Quilted Table Yahoo Group so far.  Joan hosted a "Picnic Tables with Style" swap that resulted in some darling table toppers or runners from the swappers.  My friend, Mary, entered this one and made the cutest napkin to go with it!

Joan made this cute watermelon runner
and Robin made one with a couple of ants in a basket! 

There were more cute ones to see, but you'll have to join our group and check out the fun for yourself!

Our other swap was a Summer Mug Rug Swap.  Those are crossing in the mail now, but I received mine from Kim yesterday.  The mug rug is so cute - reminds me of the lakes around here, with all the sailboats in the summer breezes. I used to go out on the lake in the boat and fish, but I was never very lucky. Whatever I caught was always too small and I had to throw it back in, lol. This mug rug brings back sweet memories.

I went back to the doctor's last Monday, and my fracture is healing good and filling in the spot where the plate buckled my shoulder after my fall.  Doc Kristen is pleased and sent me back to physical therapy with Bobbie.  So Tuesday's and Thursday's I will be back trying to get my reverse total shoulder replacement back in tip-top working order!  Yuck!  I'm sweating already!  Where did I put those pain pills, lol?

Since I can start doing things again, I signed up for a small quilt/throw swap in my ScrappyandHappy group.  I cut my fabric (thank goodness I can cut left-handed, also) Wednesday.  Then started sewing.  Got my 4-patches and HST's done. 

On Thursday I started putting it together.  I think I like it--but can't keep it.  It has to go to my swap partner in ?????  Got my top together and picked a border.  Tomorrow I'll get that sewn on and the back made.  Then off to be quilted by my friend, Jane at Blackberry Acres Longarm Quilting, who does gorgeous machine quilting. Here's a peek - hope my swappee doesn't see it. 

That's all for today.  Until next time...

Happy quilting from Sharon, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash

Friday, July 5, 2013

I'm Back...Sort of.....

Thanks for all the emails and prayers over the last months after my reverse total shoulder replacement.  The surgery went fine-only had to have 2 pints of blood after-and I started down the long road to recovery.

My fabulous quilt and stitching groups supplied us with dinners for the first week or so after I came home from the hospital, so we didn't die of hunger, and my BFF Mary came in every day to make sure I got up and bathed and dressed.  Without them, this would have been so much harder.  DD and DGD came and checked on me and ran errands and hubby actually added to his household duties by cleaning up and doing dishes after supper.

 Things were going so well that on March 22nd, Mary and I went to the local shelter to look at what kitties might be available in the future for adoption.  Patsy Cline has been very lonely without Katie to play and love with, so hubby and I started talking about maybe getting another kitty to love.  The only kittens the shelter had at  that time were 2 kittens about 3 weeks old by a mama cat that was also fostering 4 tiny, one-week-old babies from a mama that had died.  3 of these babies were doing ok, but one little guy was just not gaining weight.  He had a cold in his eyes and was the runt of the litter.  He couldn't seem to get there in time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, cause the other 2 older cats and his 3 big brothers were always there ahead of him emptying the lunch box before him. 

The gal at the shelter asked if I would be interested in trying to foster him because she didn't think he was going to live. the time, I had no plans to adopt yet, I was kind of just scoping out what might be available in the future.  But after she put that little tiny ball of fluff in my palm....I was lost.  Went home and called hubby, he said ok, so Mary and I went to PetSmart and got formula and back we went to the shelter and picked up little Paxton. 

Of course, with a big sister named Patsy Cline and being a boy, you know hubby was not going to be calling him Paxton.  So that is how Johnny Cash came to live in our home and became our 3rd "marmalade" cat.
Here are a few pics of him - he looks so much like Patsy did when she was little.  He's now 4 months old and the sweetest, most lovable cat we've ever had.

My shoulder was progressing nicely with physical therapy until I lost my one-armed balance one day after stubbing my shoe on the floor while I was feeding the kitties.  Down I went on my left side, scraping my knee and elbow, but thankfully was able to stay off my right side.  I was very sore but everything seemed to be working ok, but my PT said she thought I better tell the DR and have her run some x-rays just to be sure.

When I went for my appt several days later, I was a little sore, but nothing horrible.  BUT...x-rays showed the plate put in my shoulder was separated from the bone, indicating a fracture.  So surgery was scheduled for the next week.  But after more careful studying of the x-rays and a CT scan, my wonderful surgeon talked me into waiting 6 weeks to let any fracture heal naturally.  Now 3+ weeks later, x-rays show the bone is filling in and healing and the plate is closer to where it should be. 

So 3 more weeks and I have more x-rays to make sure it is still healing.  If it heals ok and fills in ok, I probably will not have to have more surgery.  And that's what I'm hoping and praying for now.  So any help from you guys would be appreciated.

And thanks again for all the support you've shown me over the past months.  It's meant the world to me and has certainly helped me get through a trying time.  My local friends have been great and my internet friends have been so supportive, I've been overwhelmed with all the caring thoughts,prayers, and cards.  Thank you all so much. 

I'm going to end for today, but want to leave you on a lighter note....

After  my recent surgery, these are so funny to see.
The Singing Anesthesiologists - This one is just too funny!  Listen carefully to the words!
These singers are all Anesthesiologists in Minnesota and they can really sing. They are also funny.  Here they sing "Waking up  is hard to  do." 
Click on:
Play the video, then after it ends a new screen will bring up a couple more of their tunes.  Watch those too!
Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and the marmalade cats, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash