Sunday, January 23, 2011

Housekeeping time...

I've been going in and trying to update my side bar links with new
BOM's and remove some of the old things no longer available, even if I haven't been posting. There is so much out there on this world-wide web, that sometimes I get lost for hours, just surfing. Maybe that's why I have so many UFO's, lol. I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time working on my projects. Oh well, a girl has to be well-rounded, right?
These are the blocks I've been working on for various groups I belong to. These Buckeye Beauty blocks are for a quilt drawing for the QB2 Group that most of my Quilt Club belongs to and that we go on retreat with. This Churn Dash block is for a different quilt drawing with some of the same girls, but in a different group.
The final blocks are for my old Block Central group-our Favorite Block swap, this time in Amish solids. I'm calling this my "bumblebee block"--it came out a lot brighter than I intended.
Now that the blocks are done, the hard part starts--waiting to see if I'm one of the lucky winners of the quilts or the blocks. If I win the quilts, then I have to choose the next quilt block to make and all the blocks come to me to be made into a top for the next drawing. If I win the blocks, then I get to chose the next pattern we make and I win half of the blocks to make whatever I want with them. So wish me luck!
My Wednesday and Friday Quilt Club ladies
all purchased metal quilt holder stands that will hold a 12" x 14" block quilt. The Wooden Bear has a ton of adorable patterns to make into little quilts to decorate them with (plus they carry the stand) and we've purchased almost all of them! We started with the Snowman quilt-since it's the season. Mine is not quite done-I have to get his eyes sewn on and finish the pom pom for his hat, but isn't he cute? This is Donna's completed one-isn't he sweet?
I was so pumped after getting that almost done, that I went on and made a Valentine one for February. I used the same Churn Dash block from above and added a border and viola--another finished project! Katie likes it, too.
Still on the same roll, I pulled out a stitchery project I had done last year and finsihed it up for March. So now I have St. Paddy's Day covered also.
Let's see if I can keep this up, since my goal for this year was to start finishing up all my UFO's and WIP's. I'm pretty happy so far.
Have to close now with new pics of my girls-they both come out to visit for a while when we stitch or sew, but then they go back to their beds and nap--aren't they good little girls? Can you believe how big Patsy Cline has grown? She is as tall as Katie and she's only 5 months old. It seems like just yesterday she fit in the palm of my hand-with room to spare--and I was feeding her with an eyedropper.

Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and Katie and Patsy