Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thanks to our Veterans.......

In honor of the many Veterans of all our wars, I'm repeating my Memorial Day post .   Thank you for all the freedoms you've given us and the sacrifices you and your families have made.

Monday, May 9, 2011

WOW--I'm in the Top Ten...

I entered 6 of my mug rugs in the "MUG RUG CONTEST" over at This-n-That Fabrics blog last month, figuring mine would just be a few in thousands of entries. I don't know how many they ended up with for sure, but guess what? They picked TWO of mine for the top 10!!!! Woo Hoo !!!

So if you would, I'd love for you to please go over there and vote for my mug rugs. I'm sure I'll never win, but I would like to at least have a few votes in the contest. Just making the Top Ten is so awesome, I've been bouncing in my chair with excitement since I read the email and went and checked out the blog post. WOW!! (Did I say that already, lol?) I can't believe it.

Mine are Number 2-the Irish paper-pieced cup with the tea, sugar, and spoon holder pockets,
and Number 4-the paper-pieced spring flower I made for the Seasons BOM Mug Rug Swap.

Just follow the link in their email, which I've included, so you can all see.

-------Original Message-------

Date: 05/08/11 21:58:45

This-n-That Fabrics

Our local quilt group has selected the top ten picks for the "MUG RUG CONTEST"
and a poll has been set up over on our Blog for you to vote for your favorites.
( Come join the fun, check out all the great rugs and be sure and vote.

Linda and Sandy

Isn't that exciting? Thanks for all your support,
a Happy Dancing Sharon