Thursday, January 10, 2013

A House in Mourning....

Not having a good week here.  We had to have our beautiful Katie sent to the Rainbow Bridge Monday.

I thought she might have developed diabetes or a thyroid problem.  All of a sudden she was not eating and became very weak.  Her fur got funny and she wanted to drink cold water and to be in the cold all the time.  She kept going off by herself and instead of eating her food, she wanted ours now.  

I made an appointment with the vet on Wednesday for Monday morning for both cats to go and get caught up on their shots.  But between Friday and Monday, Katie just went down hill fast.  She went into kidney failure and was so bad in such a short time, that when the vet saw her and did testing, she said poor Katie wouldn't make it thru the night.. I couldn't let her suffer any longer, so I held her while she went to sleep.

She was only 7, and we're still in shock. Patsy Cline keeps going into all our rooms looking for her. 

We are very sad here.

Rest in Peace, Katie - you were loved so much.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

My New Year's wish for you:

12 Months of Happiness, 52 weeks of Fun, 365 days of Succes, 8760 hours of Good Health, 52600 minutes of creativity and 3153600 seconds of Joy.

I stole this picture and the well wishes from a blog I read by Jacqueline at The Log Cabin.  I hope she'll forgive me, but she expressed perfectly mu wishes for all of you.  Jacqueline is a very talented quilter and stitcher and posts about her work and her quilt shop.  Sometimes she has free patterns for blocks and stitcheries and her blog is always interesting.  So stop over and check her blog out .