Friday, February 21, 2014


We all have them, but do they ever get done?  My goal this year is to go thru all my bags of swap blocks and get some quilts made.  I belong to several Yahoo groups and have done a lot of swaps in the past, so my collection of blocks is growing.

I have a collection of Happy Blocks from 3 different groups I belonged to. 
I just took the florals, roses, and pink ones and put the three of them together in a large throw the last time we sewed at the fire hall.  I put a sheet down on the floor there and then had plenty of room to lay them out and play with them.  
I still have several more collections left, including a big bag of Autumn's from Block Central - when we used to get 40-48 blocks when we won.
I plan to work on the assorted kids, bugs, etc the next time we go there.  I worked on some Halloween ones I won last year when I was at sewing at my friend's house last month.  Got the rows all pieced, now just have to finish sewing the rows together.
This has been something I wanted to do for quite a while  because I don't really have a lot of throw or larger quilts in my house.  It seems I always make them for gifts but never get any done for myself, lol.  
I have some gorgeous Halloween appliqued blocks from a swap several years ago, plus 2 years of Christmas appliqued blocks and a Christmas pieced block swap from swaps done by Aunt Pitty Pat
I also have patriotic blocks and a group of blocks from a swap called My Favorite Block-where everyone did their favorite block, but in the named color theme. 

So this year I really want to finish up a lot of UFO's and clear out the assorted blocks I have.  Let's hope I can follow thru on this goal.
Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You can win Fabric for Life....

Just wanted to let you know that Keepsake Quilting is giving away over 80 great prizes  based on a raffle. The grand prize is  a 20 year supply of fabric.  Two more lucky winners will win a year's supply of fabric, and 50 more winners will win some other great prizes.

You can enter daily until February 28th, but it's only open to residents of the US and Canada.

Please check it out and let as many people know about it.  Here's the contest link:

I entered-not that I need to win any more fabric, lol, I'm running out of room for my stash now- use my link above and see if you can win something, too.

Until next time...

Happy quilting from Sharon and the kitties