Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a Woman....

so I can, too, change my mind if I want to!
And I did on my October Happy Blocks. I kept the same center, but every time I saw the picture of my block with the raspberry border, I liked it less and less. So I went completely different and chose a green leaf fabric to go with it. Don't you like this better? Katie does, but she says the green is prettier in person. She said to quit taking pictures at night, 'cause the colors don't show up real good in the dark, even with the flash. Boy, she is such a know-it-all!
Added 2 new Fall projects to the line-up today because the 2 HB's projects are done. Katie and I had all the Fall fat quarters out again. I just love to look at them, and touch them, and arrange them, and..... Yah, okay, I have that sickness called fabriholicism (or something like that!) Yes, it's an addiction, but so far the only one to suffer from it is hubby--he says I CANNOT have the other half of his closet for any more fabric, LOL. Boy, is he a grump! I don't tell him he can't have new golf clubs. But let's not go there tonight.

Had to go to the Dollar Tree today to get more of their large, clear, scrapbook page envelopes. They are perfect for organizing each of my projects. I put the fabric, pattern, book, or magazine, and anything else pertinent to the project (like a paper with the deadline project is due, rules for the swap, or pictures for ideas) in the envelope and tie it closed. Then I can file it in my project tub in order of date due. Everything is all together and stays clean and dry. They measure 12.75" x 13" and open to about a depth of 2 inches. Perfect to hold 12 1/2" blocks, and they're only $1.00 each. They wouldn't hold the fabric for a lap or larger quilt, but they are perfect for all my smaller projects and extra blocks. You can get an idea of their size by looking at Katie standing on one and trying to get the string on the other. To see them better, click on the picture. Actually they are just a touch bigger than my 12 1/2" square up ruler. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, you should go check them out!

Until next time...
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Boy, have I accomplished a lot in the last couple of days. I got my October and November Happy Blocks all cut and ready to sew. I did a print with blackberries, raspberries, and some other berry for my October center, with a raspberry-colored print border, and for November I did an orange check center with 2 different fall leaves border. The pictures aren't showing the true colors, but I think they're really pretty.

Then I cut the second set of border strips for my 38 extra Aunt Grace HB's. I'm using a white tone-on-tone for them. Got the 2 sides on but not the top and bottom strips yet. Besides these 38 blocks, I still have about 50 more blocks cut and ready to sew.

Decided I'd better make myself a list of the projects I have to get completed and the dates they're due so I won't miss any. So I went on and pulled all the fabrics and patterns for my next 4 swaps. Put each project in it's own clear glassine envelope so I can see at a glance what it is. I can't believe I'm so organized, lol.
'Course that doesn't mean I won't change my mind before each swap is done, but at least it's a start.

DD's birthday is in October, so I have to get crackin' on her birthday projects, too. She and DGD were over for dinner Wednesday and she saw the Fall/Thanksgiving panel quilt I made for myself last year and fell in love with it. Now she wants it for herself. Says she's going to steal it-the BRAT! Guess I'd better think about making her one, too. She loves Halloween, so maybe I can do something incorporating both holidays. Maybe pumpkins and creepy stuff.
Received my first StashBuster White Elephant Swap box yesterday from Anne. Not only did she send me books, patterns, and fabric--she added a lap-size top all ready to be made into a quilt. It's a great quilt for a man or boy. Can't say more than that as it might become a Christmas gift for someone near and dear to me. But isn't it wonderful that something she was tired/sick of can be recycled to someone who will love it? This swap is a great idea and I love all the possible treasures we can swap. Things I'm tired of or have decided not to finish (or even start), I can put in a box each month and send on to someone else who can use it. I've pulled a bunch of books and patterns and fabrics to send to my swap partner--hope she likes them, but if not she can send it on also. What fun!

Well, Katie says we better get to bed so we can get going tomorrow on all those projects we have lined up. Until next time....

Happy Quilting,

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Halloween Swap....

how neat is that? Susan at Blackberry Creek Home Arts is hosting a Halloween Trick or Treat Swap. Stop by her blog and check it out. She makes the greatest ATC's and just posted new ones for Halloween. She is one talented lady. I signed up for the swap--can't wait to get started on that. One more thing to add to my list of To-Do's. Just what I needed, right?

Katie says we have to make Gudrun's pattern that's in the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine, September/October issue,
for sure as one of our projects for Halloween. And since I just happen to have that copy, I'm letting her have her way.

Block Central is having a “Sweet 16 Sixteens Snowpeople Swap” on their forum. It's a no-sew swap. Swappers need to commit to sending at least 16 Sweet Sixteens (A "Sweet Sixteen" is a 9” by 11” cut of fabric.) to arrive no later than October 15th. The theme for this swap is “Let It Snow!”
The background colors of each fabric should be blue and white with scenes of Snowpeople and Snowflakes-but not Christmas. I have to check my stash before I commit to this swap, but it sounds like a great way to increase my snowmen stash. Maywood Studios have a whole line of free Sweet Sixteen patterns on their website. Go here and check them out.

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Summer's over here....

and the weather has turned cold! I had to wear jeans yesterday when I went out-first time since May. Today I went back to shorts, but shivered every time I quit working and just sat. Brrrr. I could live year-round in 70-80 degree weather and be very happy. The only time I want snow anymore is Christmas week. I do love the Fall, though. It's really my favorite time of year-still lots of sun and cooler weather.

And with Fall comes
and all the autumn colors I love. I have plans for 4 or 5 fall wallhangings. Some will be themed for Halloween, but others just for autumn or harvest time,
and then on to Thanksgiving.
I have a ton of fall patterns and books to choose from-that's the hard part! I've spent the last couple of weeks going over them and have made my final choices. Now to get down to business and start working.

I did mail out my September Happy Blocks in the Aunt Grace/Wash Tub 30's prints to the winners of that drawing on Block Central, NorthernDeb and Kylie.
Those lucky gals won about 50+ blocks each. I have to add a white border to each of the extra blocks I made and then I'm going to make them into a baby quilt top. Katie thinks we'll have enough to make 2 baby quilts or a lap quilt. She really like the blocks-especially the orange ones!

I also joined Bonnie Hunter's new Quiltville Swap Group on Yahoo and mailed out my first fabric swap strips. I love this group because we have a choice between swapping washed or unwashed strips. I don't usually pre-wash my fabric, so of course I chose to swap the unwashed 2 1/2-inch strip sets. We could swap up to 10 sets of 10 strips each, but I went for 5 sets my first time. Then wished I had done the 10 sets, because I forgot the strips are not WOF but only 20-22 inches. So I could get 2 strips out of each WOF strip.
Katie said, "DUH!" But next time I'll remember.

When I went to visit my grandson in Syracuse last month I went to 4 quilt shops in the area. My 2 favorites were Calico Gals and Mission Rose Quiltery. Calico Gals is very small but had lots of nice fabric and patterns for it's size. Mission Rose Quiltery was larger and had so much to look at, I think I went into overload looking at the tons of samples they had up. Both shops are located on the second floor, but still worth the visit. I also visited Cottons,Etc., which is very nice but I think more geared to fashion fabrics and clothing, and Patchwork Plus Quilt Shop in Marcellus. Patchwork Plus is huge--I've never seen so many fabrics outside a wholesale warehouse! Every color and theme you can imagine. Any ladies--they have TWO huge and beautiful bathrooms!! A big plus in my book. So if you're in the Syracuse, NY area, be sure and check these 4 places out. I told my grandson I'd be back for another visit soon if they have any fall classes I want to take. Just think-seeing my grandson and going to a quilt class all in one stay--how is that?

And last, but not least, a huge "THANK YOU" to Toni, The Quilting Pirate for getting my comments on this blog to work. She was kind enough to take the time to fix me up so I can now get responses. Isn't she the greatest? Thanks, Toni, I owe you one.

Well, off to bed now so I can get up bright and early and get groceries, then I'll have all afternoon to pick fabrics and get cutting. Until next time....

Happy Quilting