Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some more new freebies...

Clover and Violet are starting a new Stitch and Quilt-along on their blog.  If you followed along with their 101 Embroidery Sew-along, you know what cute projects they come up with.  This time it's called the Ruby market tote.   The market tote is going to be about the size of a smaller shopping bag, and will be a quilty bag. Their bags are unique because each one has a patchwork outer and is finished with a binding, just like a quilt, plus it has a special embroidery piece for the outside of the bag as well. So make sure you hop on over to their site and check it out.

Bronwyn Hayes at Red Brolly has a gorgeous Christmas Sampler she is offering as part of 3 free Christmas

projects to get us going on our Christmas gifts.   Isn't it pretty?   She also has a tutorial on making felt flowers that would make beautiful Christmas pins to give as gifts, if you make them in Christmas colors. 

And Rana at Pieces of My Life is offering a new Autumn's Bounty BOM that should be fun.  The first 2 blocks are up now.  Block one is a darling pumpkin, with block two a strip block.  So head over and get going on those blocks before you get behind!

Guess what??  My quilty friends have been sewing their little hearts out lately and I have more pictures to show you of all their projects.  These are from our last quilt club meeting at Joan's house.

Bonnie's Gingerbread TR #1

Bonnie's Pumkin and Leaves TR

Diane's newest purse

Bonnie's Pumpkin TR

Donna's Lighthouse WH

Bonnie's Gingerbread TR #2

Bonnie's Pumpkin Wagon TR

Bonnie's Snowmen

Jane's PP'd Christmas Tree WH

Aren't I lucky to get to sew with these talented women?  They are so inspiring and do such beautiful work.  It almost makes me want to finish something of my own, instead of just starting things, lol. 

But I do finish some things--my Quilted Table Yahoo Group had a Fall/Halloween Topper Swap and Mary in Canada and I had each other in the swap and had to send out the fabrics we wanted used in the swap.  I send Mary a group of gold metallic Fall colored FQ's and this is the beautiful reversible table topper she made me.  And it looks so pretty on the table I keep my two antique sewing machines on.  It's perfect for that spot.

Thanks, Mary!   I love it! 

Mary sent me all Oriental fabrics for her Halloween tablerunner, so it took me a while to come up with a design, but I finally decided on blocks from the FabricShopHop Halloween quilt.  I was going to do a variety of those blocks, but unfortunately I found a number of mistakes in the cutting directions so I gave up after 2 blocks. (I'm not 100% sure if they were all my errors or theirs, but  I gave up in frustration!)  I decided to use another block from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache and put the black cat Halloween block between two of her blocks.  So this was the result. Then I made a little candle mat from the witch's hat block I had made.  That turned out pretty good.  Mary said she like them, so that makes me happy.

So until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and Katie and Patsy Cline


Friday, October 21, 2011

Hug Club

The 2nd Tuesday of every month, a group of us meet at our LQS, O'Susannah's, in Watkins Glen, NY to sew quilts for charity.  We've made a lot of quilts for individuals over the past 3 years- all from scraps from the shop.  Sue provides the fabric and has the top quilted and bound and we do all the planning and sewing.

This time, however, we're making a special batik quilt called Tropical Turnover by Edyta Sitar.  Sue is going to have it raffled off with the proceeds to go to Habitat for Humanity.  We started this quilt in September, worked on it this month, and should be sewing the top together in November.  We can't wait to see how it turns out.  Sue had a trunk show of Edyta's quilts in the shop, and they were all beautiful.  Here's a picture of the pattern

and some more of our little group.

Bettina, Irene, Judy

Wilma, Bettina

Judy, Lynne

Mary, Linda
 Here are some of the quilts we;ve made in the past:

And Judy brought her Flurry quilt for us to see.  She made it all from FQ's and scraps she already had and quilted it on her personal sewing machine.  Isn't it beautiful?

Hopefully after next month's sewing, I'll have a new completed top for you to see.

Until next time,
Happy quilting from Sharon, Katie, and Patsy Cline

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My quilting group is at it again...

making lots of beautiful quilts and wallhangings for gifts.  Bonnie and Donna W. have been so busy sewing that they've left the rest of us in the dust.  I think they must have a sewing fairy that comes in at night and sews for them, lol.  Otherwise how can they get so much done?  Here are some of their latest projects.
Bonnie's Cat 1600 Quilt
Donna W's Batik 1600 Quilt
Bonnie's Pumpkin WH

Donna W's Corn and Pumpkins 1600 Quilt

Donna W's Fall TR

Now you have to remember, these 1600 quilts are in addition to the ones they made when we had our 1600 Challenge day at the fire hall last month.  I think they're trying to show the rest of  us up, lol.

Now the next 1600 quilt is the one Tammy did at the fire hall, but she decided to put a scarecrow from another pattern on hers.  Her mom, Jane is helping her with it.  Isn't this a cute idea?

Tammy's quilt

And here's the beautiful table runner that Jane received from Joan K in the Quilted Table Fall/Halloween Swap.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Joan does such beautiful work.  Stop over at her blog (Moose Stash Quilting) and look at all the wonderful projects she has made.  She even has some tutorials for you to try.

That's all for today.  But I'll be back soon with pictures from our Hug Club charity quilting event.

Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and the girls, Katie and Patsy Cline

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another beautiful BOM is starting...

over at the Silly Goose .  It's part applique and part piecing, so you'll get a variety of techniques to keep you interested.  The picture posted is what you will be making *WITH EXCEPTIONS!*.   It looks beautiful and I love the fabrics she posted in an earlier post.

The fabric requirements are up now here .  Part 1 is now up here with a beautiful applique piece that can be done in buttonhole applique or needleturn.  This should keep you busy for a while.

A friend and I went to Scranton, PA this past weekend to see our favorite singing group, Celtic Thunder, perform at the Communty Center.

Neil, Keith, George, Emmett, Ryan
Caltic Thunder
 What a gorgeous building that is, with paneled and stenciled cedar ceilings in the entrance and most of the rooms. The building is the Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral and is on the National Historic Register. It has beautiful center ceilings of mahogany painted in gold leaf with large thistles carved in it. Some of the doors were gold metal lacework and engraved all over - like you would see in a palace.

Front Entrance outside

Cedar ceilings in ballroom

Craftsman Hall

Closeup Front Entrance

Paneled Library with Stained Glass Windows

Gold Leaf Thistle Ceiling
 We went to a Meet-and-Greet, with Emmett and George from the group, in the Library-a black paneled room with gorgeous stained glass window insets.  I wish I had my camera with me to take lots of pictures.
Barb had her camera, but then it wouldn't turn on, so no great pics from either of us!  But the concert was wonderful and we had a great time.  Of course, we had to send a little money over to Ireland to help their economy, lol.  I bought a CT t-shirt and key chain and Barb bought programs, a key chain, and a poster of Keith for her granddaughter.  So it was a great weekend, spent listening to great music, with a great friend.  What's better than that?

Until next time...
Happy Quilting from Sharon and the girls--Katie and Patsy Cline