Monday, August 23, 2010

A new quilt-along.....

is starting soon at Ivory Spring. It's called “Ladybug in Polka Dotville”. Check on 8/25/2010 for the project supplies list. The first installment for the instructions will be posted on 9/3/2010. I have lots of polka dots that have been sitting in the closet just waiting for the perfect project...and this looks like it!

I've been off-line for quite a while with computer problems, but now everything is all disinfected and squeaky clean, so hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things and post more often.

I have been bad while I was gone--I signed up for 4 swaps! Yes, FOUR!! I always have to do Chookyblue's SSCS every year. It's a totally hand-made swap, so lovely gifts are exchanged. Can't miss this one!

But Aunt Pitty Pat got me again with her Christmas Block Swap . (I still haven't done anything yet with last year's blocks.)

But on top of that, she's having a Halloween Tote Swap and a Halloween Block Swap. Now you all know how I love anything Halloween, so I couldn't resist! Links for all these swaps are on my side bar, so stop over and check them out. I know some of them are still open.

Until next time...

Happy sewing from Sharon and Katie