Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday...

doesn't necessarily mean football for quilters and sewers. Today members from two of my quilt clubs combined for what I billed as our first annual "Super Bowl Sew-a-Thon". Ten of us gathered together in the local fire hall for a day of fun and sewing. Each lady invited was told to bring her lunch, her sewing machine and sewing supplies, the required number of strip sets all sewn, lined with Peltex, and ironed to make a Biscuit Basket, and a $10 wrapped gift for a "Snowball Fight."

Biscuit Baskets are fabric baskets made by sewing strips together and then weaving them into a basket. One of the gals had already made a larger, round version called the "Knobby Basket", so we assigned her the task of making this new, smaller, rectangular basket--and teaching the rest of us how to make it..

Needless to say, we had a lot of laughs--and some naughty words, too, lol. We had to sew the fabric strips and then insert Peltex strips inside the sewn strips--which led to frustration and laughter both. Then weaving those pesky strips - that have a mind of their own - into a basket shape using clothespins, was a trip in itself! But we all perservered and left with baskets that only needed a binding on them to be finished

We had chips and dip, 2 kinds of sweet breads, lots of chocolates, and a lemon cake to take our minds off any frustration we felt. All this on top of whatever we brought for our lunch.

Then we had our "Snowball Fight", but instead of pelting each other with real snowballs, we just drew numbers and selected from a pile of lovely gifts for our little door prizes. Everyone "won" a great prize--from patterns and books to fat quarters and thread.

What a fun day we had--and everyone wanted to know how soon I could plan another sew-a-thon. Guess I'll have to get right on that, eh?

And finally to close - pictures of Katie and Patsy doing their "Quality Control" jobs after I got home with my basket.