Thursday, September 18, 2008


Boy, have I accomplished a lot in the last couple of days. I got my October and November Happy Blocks all cut and ready to sew. I did a print with blackberries, raspberries, and some other berry for my October center, with a raspberry-colored print border, and for November I did an orange check center with 2 different fall leaves border. The pictures aren't showing the true colors, but I think they're really pretty.

Then I cut the second set of border strips for my 38 extra Aunt Grace HB's. I'm using a white tone-on-tone for them. Got the 2 sides on but not the top and bottom strips yet. Besides these 38 blocks, I still have about 50 more blocks cut and ready to sew.

Decided I'd better make myself a list of the projects I have to get completed and the dates they're due so I won't miss any. So I went on and pulled all the fabrics and patterns for my next 4 swaps. Put each project in it's own clear glassine envelope so I can see at a glance what it is. I can't believe I'm so organized, lol.
'Course that doesn't mean I won't change my mind before each swap is done, but at least it's a start.

DD's birthday is in October, so I have to get crackin' on her birthday projects, too. She and DGD were over for dinner Wednesday and she saw the Fall/Thanksgiving panel quilt I made for myself last year and fell in love with it. Now she wants it for herself. Says she's going to steal it-the BRAT! Guess I'd better think about making her one, too. She loves Halloween, so maybe I can do something incorporating both holidays. Maybe pumpkins and creepy stuff.
Received my first StashBuster White Elephant Swap box yesterday from Anne. Not only did she send me books, patterns, and fabric--she added a lap-size top all ready to be made into a quilt. It's a great quilt for a man or boy. Can't say more than that as it might become a Christmas gift for someone near and dear to me. But isn't it wonderful that something she was tired/sick of can be recycled to someone who will love it? This swap is a great idea and I love all the possible treasures we can swap. Things I'm tired of or have decided not to finish (or even start), I can put in a box each month and send on to someone else who can use it. I've pulled a bunch of books and patterns and fabrics to send to my swap partner--hope she likes them, but if not she can send it on also. What fun!

Well, Katie says we better get to bed so we can get going tomorrow on all those projects we have lined up. Until next time....

Happy Quilting,

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The Quilting Pirate said...

Sharon, I love reading your blog....I love how you add images to your words!

Great blocks!