Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a Woman....

so I can, too, change my mind if I want to!
And I did on my October Happy Blocks. I kept the same center, but every time I saw the picture of my block with the raspberry border, I liked it less and less. So I went completely different and chose a green leaf fabric to go with it. Don't you like this better? Katie does, but she says the green is prettier in person. She said to quit taking pictures at night, 'cause the colors don't show up real good in the dark, even with the flash. Boy, she is such a know-it-all!
Added 2 new Fall projects to the line-up today because the 2 HB's projects are done. Katie and I had all the Fall fat quarters out again. I just love to look at them, and touch them, and arrange them, and..... Yah, okay, I have that sickness called fabriholicism (or something like that!) Yes, it's an addiction, but so far the only one to suffer from it is hubby--he says I CANNOT have the other half of his closet for any more fabric, LOL. Boy, is he a grump! I don't tell him he can't have new golf clubs. But let's not go there tonight.

Had to go to the Dollar Tree today to get more of their large, clear, scrapbook page envelopes. They are perfect for organizing each of my projects. I put the fabric, pattern, book, or magazine, and anything else pertinent to the project (like a paper with the deadline project is due, rules for the swap, or pictures for ideas) in the envelope and tie it closed. Then I can file it in my project tub in order of date due. Everything is all together and stays clean and dry. They measure 12.75" x 13" and open to about a depth of 2 inches. Perfect to hold 12 1/2" blocks, and they're only $1.00 each. They wouldn't hold the fabric for a lap or larger quilt, but they are perfect for all my smaller projects and extra blocks. You can get an idea of their size by looking at Katie standing on one and trying to get the string on the other. To see them better, click on the picture. Actually they are just a touch bigger than my 12 1/2" square up ruler. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, you should go check them out!

Until next time...
Happy Quilting,


The Quilting Pirate said...

Katie is a great consultant!! She is very into everything! :)

Lynn E said...

Katie has good taste. Glad you popped in on my site.
have a great day

Tropical Screamer said...

Tigger would like to know if Katie would like to come over for some nip.


Your quilts are beautiful as is Katie.

Best regards.