Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still more quilting retreat...

After we previewed the mystery quilt, Marcia S showed us the new mystery tote bag we were going to do this year.  It turned out to be a smaller version of a Bow Tuck-type bag.  With lots of inside pockets and one on the outside, it's the perfect size for everyday use.   
It's a bag I've wanted to make for quite a while, as some of my quilt club girls have made the larger size.  I did get the outside done and the lining and pockets done, but haven't gotten it together yet.  But here are pictures of the ones some of the gals got done before we left for home.

This is Debi's bowling tote.

Here is Nan's sewing-themed tote.

After we saw the tote bag, some of the gals wanted to go shopping for new fabrics for their mysteries.  The Iowa Chicks seen below are Debi, Molly, Josie, and Michele. 

They shopped on the way to our retreat and shopped all though the retreat, lol. They caravaned with our 2 NY Beauties cars, plus 3 or 4 others cars to this neat quilt shop. The ladies in the shop were wonderful and we bought lots of bargains. If you're ever in the area make sure you stop at Angelics A Quilters Haven in Canton, Ohio.  The ladies there were so nice, they insisted on taking a group photo of all of us. Here we are in all our glory.

We had a wonderful time there, then went on to another quilt shop.  We should have stopped at the first place.  The second place wasn't nearly as nice.  Oh, the shop was lovely with lots of gorgeous fabric, but they were getting ready for a Shop Hop the next day and let us know they couldn't put out any of the bargains they had saved for that.  In fact, they were quite unfriendly for a while, then one lady must have realized that she wasn't being very nice/business-like, and she did do a demo for us of a new ruler they had.  The NY girls decided that didn't make up for her first impression--and we won't go back there next year when we come on retreat again.

After shopping we returned to our sewing room, where we drooled over all the Amish blocks hung up for a drawing.  Everyone attending had to make one block, then our name went in the hat.  This is the 2nd year we have done this.  Last year we all made a block in AMish colors with our choice of block to represent the Amish countryside we were retreating in.  Debi won all the blocks and made this quilt.

She had enough blocks left to make a 2nd quilt.  Nice lady that she is, she did a drawing for the 2nd quilt top and guess who won it?  Yep!  I am the lucky recipient of that Amish top.  And my block is in my quilt! 
I was thrilled to win it, as I never win anything!

Here are pictures of our sewing room with everyone making like busy little beavers, just a-sewing away, surrounded by this year's Amish blocks that will be won by a new lucky winner.

And this year's new lucky winner was one of our NY Beauties, Bonnie S.  She is a crazy little thing--but she can't skip!  Do you believe that?  I've never met anyone who can't skip!! 
But she is lucky and is the proud owner of all those lovely Amish blocks.  Now she just has to get them together in a quilt top by next year's retreat. 

Still more to follow tomorrow.  Until then...

Happy Quilting from Sharon, Katie, and Patsy Cline

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Lynda said...

Oh I LOVE quilt retreats. They are always so much fun, we accomplish so much, get new ideas for more projects, and leave energized even if our backs ache! Yours looks like everyone had a great time. Did you notice the great floor?