Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Even more quilting retreat.....

Thursday morning after breakfast, we all gathered in the sewing room to find out what the 2011 Mystery Quilt and the Mystery Tote Bag would be. Most of us planned ahead and had our materials all picked out and pre-cut from the materials list supplied last month by the presenters. Suecat made the quilt pattern for this year and Marcia L helped her with making up samples for us to see. One sample was done up in sports fabric
and gave me ideas for Christmas presents, while the other was done in more traditional fabrics.
Still another was done with different fabric placement.
All were beautiful and we couldn't wait to get started on them. And with almost 30 of us doing the same pattern, the different quilts that resulted (by mistakes we made cutting and piecing, by fabric choices and placement, and just from a multitude of fabrics) were amazing! Here are some of the lovelies we made:
Ann's quilt, then one by one of the "Mini-sisters",
followed by Bonnie E's quilt.

Then Debi's pink one followed by Diane S's purple one (that I tried to steal, lol).

Donna G's pink and black beauty
followed by Jean's bright and cheerful quilt.

Then Jill's sunny mystery

followed by Jodi's

Here's the other "Mini-sister" and her quilt,

followed by Marcia S's gorgeous Japanese fabric quilt.
I tried to steal her fabric too, but she took pity on me and gave me her scraps. I love them!

My quilt had a cutting error which resulted in my having to reverse two fabrics, so then I went ahead and changed some other things, and wa-la...here is my mystery.

Rounding off is Trish's fall fancy

and Nan's green mystery

and another look at one of the "minis",
and Yvonne and Ann with Ann's after she changed it.

Tomorrow I'll show you the mystery tote. Until then...

Happy quilting from Sharon, Katie, and Patsy Cline


Cindy B said...

I love the sport quilt. What is the pattern? My husband loves the dolphins, and I have that same fabric...Not sure if you can see my contact infor but it is cindy_bartz03@hotmail.com

cookie said...

lookes like you all had a grand time. even so the pattern is the same with the quilts they all look so different with the fabrics used.

hugs Kerstin

Nanette said...

Sharon, I enjoied this top so much I have a made a second where I embroidered on the snowball, I just have to find a sunny day to get a picture of it.

Mom finished hers after we got home and last night she finished her tote/purse.