Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pajama Party.....

If you clicked on the link I posted a week or so ago, you got a look at all the craziness that goes on at the PJ party.  Here are more pictures of the wacky women I spent that week with.  CAUTION:  Adult content follows--watch at your own risk, lol.

The Bag Ladies-Marcia L, Suecat, Eva, Rosie

My roomie-the jailbird, Bonnie E

The Iowa Chicks



Jean with her popsicle

Lanette parading

the M & M's (Mini-sister's Marcia and Marilyn or vice-versa)

or Marcia and Marilyn ?
NY Beauty Gail laughing with The Stripper-Jodi

NY Beauties Diane S and Donna G with Bonnie E

NY Beauties Donna W, Bonnie S, Jill B

"Jerry" aka Sharon T
"Jerry", Jodi, and Lanette

Donna W, Jill B, Gail P, Eva, Rosie, Suecat, Marcia L

The M & M's acting like they're NOT little devils!

Michele, Eva, Suecat, Rosie, Marcia L

NY Beauties Bonnie S, Jill, Donna W

Donna G, Bonnie E, Sharon Z

Ruth and NY Beauty Ann

Ruth, Ann, Trish, Lyn

The NY Beauty Block

The NY Gals made the above NY Beauty block and put it on the front of the T-shirts we wore this year for the PJ party. On the back we fused the letters "N Y BEAUTIES" and danced into the sewing room and then sang a little ditty. To see our routine, you have to watch the video from before. Here is the link again:

Had enough fun for one night?  We'll finish up tomorrow with the last evening of our GTG retreat.  Until then...

Happy Quilting from Sharon, Katie, and Patsy Cline

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Lynda said...

Quilters always seem to have such a great sense of humor and love to have fun.