Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So Much Fabric, So Little Time!

If I thought I was behind last week, I'm even further behind this week. Last Monday afternoon I drove an hour north to meet with Laurie in NY of Soldiers' Angels. She had 6 large boxes of fabric donated to SA by a quilter who could not sew any more. She wanted her fabric to go to someone who would use it to make quilts and/or other items for our soldiers. I also received a box of fabric squares donated to Kim in MA, again to be used to make quilts and other projects for wounded soldiers. Unfortunately, the fabric Laurie had, had been stored in a damp cellar for 2 months and really needed washing and drying. So I spent Tuesday laying out fabric in the sun to air and taking loads to my washer and dryer.

I didn't iron that stuff, but I spent part of the week washing and ironing YUCK!!! the rest of the fabric I have to go with my Aunt Grace/Washtub fabrics for the Happy Block Swap I'm doing at Block Central. Did get them pressed and ready for the last 2 strips to be sewn on, then they're done.

I also finished up more 9-patch blocks for another R/W/B patriotic quilt top.
Just have to add the borders to that and the other one already done and make the backs and they'll be ready to go to a long-arm quilter. I have to find someone in my area that will do the job for free or at least at a discounted rate for charity, or they'll never get quilted. I have lots of stash to draw from to make them, but no money to pay to get them quilted. If any of you out there know of someone who would be willing to quilt them, please have them email me at quiltingmama20 at stny dot rr dot com.

Had to get groceries on Wednesday and get some new tubs to put all the new donated fabric in, so a stop at Wal-Mart was necessary. Naturally I had to see what the fabric department had. Got some great quilt back fabric and some pre-quilted two-sided material to make myself a new purse for fall. And today in the mail I got a new purse pattern from Quilts Illustrated, designed by Penny Sturges. This next purse will NOT turn into a tote like the last one did!
And I fit in 4 loads of my own home laundry in between all the donated fabric and all the shopping. All this overworked my bad arm, so consequently could not sew since Thursday. Had to get a cortizone shot in my shoulder today to relieve the pain. But-maybe tomorrow I can sew again and finish up those blocks so they'll be ready when I WIN THE REST from the Happy Block Swap!!!
I did work on part of my Maple Leaf blocks for the Burger Queen mystery quilt, but have a long way to go on that. And everyone is posting pictures of their quilts and I can't even peek! How tough is that! These are the stems for my 6-inch blocks.

I did add a new slide show to my site today. Not a lot in it yet, but some of my older quilts and tabletoppers. I'll have to go look up my picture book and scan some of the pictures in from previous projects. I just love to look at everyone else's picture-I get so much inspiration from them.

One of my favorite new sites is Grandma's Kitchen, Patchwork Patroontjies She is so talented and I love her designs. I've put several on my to-do list.

And have you been to the Pink Penguin ? She has some great tutorials. One is the neatest fabric basket--I think that's going on my Christmas list of things to make for the relatives.

That's all for today, I hope to be happily quilting tomorrow.

Sharon (and Katie, who helped write today's post by sitting next to me and supervising!)

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