Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm So Far Behind...

I'm so far behind on the Stashbuster Burger Queen Mystery Quilt. Haven't even started sewing my 9-inch blocks yet. I did start cutting them, but got interrupted by wifey chores like making supper, and never got back to them.

Then I got distracted by Block Central's forum announcing the sign-up for their September Happy Blocks Swap. Since I've never done a swap either, I had to nose around a little, and yep! I'm hooked! All you have to do is make these simple little "happy" blocks out of 4 1/2 inch squares surrounded by 1 row of 2 1/2 inch strips. How easy is that? And my favorite "brainless piecing" block is already the Log Cabin, so this simple Courthouse Steps version will fit happily into my schedule when I want to sew, but don't feel up to thinking about it. You know--those times you feel like you're in Zombie-land! LOL !
Now I generally never pre-wash and iron my fabric anymore. The only time is if I'm sewing a large flannel quilt. I usually just jump right in and cut it up and sew. But the rules for the Happy Block Swap say you have to, so I moaned and groaned and did the dirty! Ugh!
I forgot how much I hate all that pre-wasing and ironing! But it's all done now, and I moved on to the cutting.
This month's swap is Aunt Grace/Wash Tub type 1930's Reproduction fabrics. I haven't used any of those before; that's why I was attracted to the swap in the first place. I've had fun cutting up and matching all the blocks to sew. I only have to do 6 blocks for the swap, but I have over 60 extra's cut and ready to sew, just in case I don't win the swap blocks. Instead of everyone swapping blocks, only 2 people get the blocks. Then they aren't eligible to win again for a while. A different idea, but sounds like a fun chance to take. Maybe I'll be lucky and win half the blocks, but if not, I'll have enough for a lap quilt anyway. These are my fabrics--don't you love them?
Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and chain piece them all. I started to lay the blocks out in a stack on the table to make it easier to chain piece, but Katie decided she didn't like them that way! First she attacked the center block and bit it, then she showed her contempt for the pieces by sitting right down in the middle of them.
And proceeded to give herself a bath! She is so spoiled.

But we love her and she sure makes life interesting around here. Anyway, I gave up on trying to lay the blocks all out stacked up and will do it as I sew them. When Katie has a hissy fit, it's easier to let her have her way. (Now do you see why she's spoiled?)
Have any of you been over to Kate North's blog and seen the beautiful small quilts the ladies in her swap are exchanging? What wonderful quilts and beautiful colors. I'm hoping to join them in the future. I went back thru all her archives and those little quilts are simply gorgeous! Take a few minutes and visit her, you'll be glad you did.
That's all for today. Next time I hope to have all my Aunt Grace blocks done for you to see.
Until then, happy quilting,

PS - Thanks to the wonderful creator of the character, Maxine. I love buying her Hallmark cards to send out to my friends. She is hilarious.

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