Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Poor Katie.....

Spent most of this week back and forth to the vet's office. It was past time for little Katie to be spayed-she's been in heat every 2 weeks since March. First she had to have all her shots and then had to wait til the vet could schedule her in, but finally Wednesday I took her (and my daughter and grandson's three cats also) to be spayed. Had to leave her overnight before and after, and went back on Friday to pick her up. Poor little girl--her white fur is shaved and her little pink tummy shows her incision. Found out she only weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces, even though she was a year old in March. She's been on painkillers til Saturday and antibiotics til they're gone, so she is not yet her usual perky self. In fact, all she's wanted to do is cuddle, so I've gotten zilch done as far as sewing. I did do a lot of work on my blog, rearranging things, updating links and great places to visit and shop. Katie sat right next to me in her rocker. I still haven't figured out why I can't get Comments to show up, though. I had them the first time I did the blog. I've read and changed things and still can't get that Comments thingy to come up. Anybody got any ideas? Email me at quiltingmama20 at stny dot rr dot com if you do-I think I'm illiterate in this part of blogging.

I did hear from Chookyblue and received my swap partner in the SSCS 2008. And she 's from ............ another country! LOL!

I'm so excited, now I have to go check out my patterns to see what kind of goody I can whip up for my new friend. It has to be something special, since she lives in ?

Happy Quilting,


The Quilting Pirate said...

YAH THEY WORK AGAIN!!! :) Wooo Hooo!!

Carol said...

Katie is so pretty and looks like a nice companion. Appears that she also likes fabric. Way to go Katie.
And how very nice of you to make quilts for soldiers. You are one of the Angels.

vickie y said...

Your Katie looks just like my cat, Buffy! My Buffy was my Christmas present. We had to have her spayed in January, and since then she has gotten quite "fluffy"! I've heard this is common for female cats.
I lurk on Stashbusters, and I had to check out your blog when I saw "Marmalade Cat"!


c.annewa said...

Hi! I followed your link from the Quiltville Swap site; here is a link to the Quilts of Valor Website. They will match you up with a longarm quilter in your area that is donating their services. The website has all the information.