Sunday, December 29, 2013

My stocking stuffer goodies....

are all unwrapped and Patsy and Johnny and I have oohed and aahed over them all.  The kitties helped (?) unwrap everything and decided they liked the pretty ribbons best.  Typical!  But I love all the goodies my S&H girlfriends picked out for me.

Last year (the first year of the swap) we all got a new stocking from our swapper.  Rebecca had me and made a gorgeous embroidered snowman stocking for January.
This year, we had to make a small bag to put the stocking overflow in.  Denise had me this January and made the cutest reindeer bag, that Johnny Cash had to check out.

In February, Barb chose these goodies for me.
  March, Trina gifted me with these neat stuffers.
In April, Nola made me this cute pincushion that she had wrapped in fabric.
May brought a shower of great tools from Denise
And June brought a R/W/B  FQ bundle from Dorene and a special pin in memory of my sweet Katie, the original marmalade cat, who went over the Rainbow Bridge in January.  Dorene knew that painful anniversary was near and wanted me to have something to comfort me.  Her note and thoughtfulness made me cry, but I'll cherish this pin forever.

July brought this darling cat and mouse pincushion made for me by Denise.
In August, Barb sent me this great seam ripper with the eraser end and a gorgeous FQ.
 September had Rebecca making me these darling embroidery machine Christmas tree earrings and adding a bunch of other goodies, too.
In October, Nola made me a sewing kit that I put right under my sewing machine to keep my tools handy and also included needles and a marker.
And to finish the year, we're supposed to make or buy a Christmas ornament for our gift.  But Rebecca knew that I was not putting up my Snowbaby tree this year because Johnny Cash has been so bad getting into stuff (he is still a baby you know, and into everything!).  So instead she made me this beautiful dressmaker's dolly pincushion.  Isn't it gorgeous?
Patsy had to check this beauty out for herself, lol.  And then all the other goodies received.

All in all, this swap was so much fun - even though we had to wait all year long to finally see what was in all  those little packages arriving monthly that we couldn't peek, pinch, or shake.  The end result more than made up for the frustration we felt each month, lol.  The girls were so generous and made good use of all the year-long sales for notions and fabrics.  In fact, they had so much fun they insisted I run this swap one more year.  So check back in 2014 and see what turns up then.

Until tomorrow (and the Chookyblue SSCS swap results)...
Happy quilting from Sharon, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash


Betsy said...

Sharon this swap sounded like so much fun. Was it in the USA? I may be interested for 2014

MooseStashQuilting said...

Wow, what a fun swap and tons of great new treasures!

sew.darn.quilt said...

This would definitely be a fun swap! Are there restrictions of any kind?
You received fabulous goodies from everyone!

SharonZ said...

Hi Betsy,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. This particular swap was within a Yahoo group I moderate, called The Scrappy and Happy Group. Right now the owner has it as a restricted group, but if you are interested in swaps, my Quilted Table group is open for new members and has a lot of swaps. Here is the link: