Tuesday, December 31, 2013

6 years of Chookyblue's SSCS....

I only missed the very first one in 2007.  It's been consistently the best swap I've ever done.  With so many international  participants, I've been lucky to send to and receive from a swap partner in Australia every year.

I really think the Australians have cornered the market on bright, new, fun embroidery projects.  Here in the states it's hard to find a cute, fresh design to embroider.  There are some great designers, though, like Bird Brain Designs, and Crabapple Hill, but when I wanted to start to embroider again, almost all I could find were the old-style designs for pillowcases or Aunt Martha iron-on blocks.  Thank goodness for the internet and bloggers!  I've been able to get patterns from such cool designers as Gail Pan, Bronwyn Hayes of Red BrollyNatalie Lymer at Cinderberry Stitches, and Leanne Beasley at Leanne's House, to name just a few.

Many of the lovely gifts I've received over the years in the SSCS have been stitched by my Australian swap partners using patterns from their country's designers.  Remember this wallhanging I received from Gai in 2009?

And this gorgeous bag to carry my stitching in from Dale in 2010?

And here's the gorgeous stocking that Bec made me in 2011.  I hang this on my front door now and it looks fabulous!  (And that was not even my real gift, lol.)  That was the ornament gift, but she went a little bit overboard, lol, but I am so glad she did.. I love all the stitching and applique on it.

These are just a few of the examples of why I love this swap with the Australian girls. They  have such a different lot of ideas and patterns to choose from.  Everything I've been blessed to receive is so unique from what is available in my area.

Remember the runner that Bec made as my "real" gift?  I started using it as a bed runner, but quickly changed it to a chair runner and I love it in my living room.  I enjoy it every day.

And these bags I received last year from Vicki to carry as a purse or for my stitching projects.  Love them!

Besides the wonderful handmade items, I've also received a varied assortment of Australian fabrics, patterns, quilt labels, note cards, and buttons.  So many different little gifts to enjoy.

And this year was no different.  My swap-from partner was Fiona of  Dragonfly Crafts.  Fiona decided to do an Advent-style gift grouping for me.  She had all the little gifties wrapped and labeled with a number.  I had to open the little giftie on that number day.  The first day I opened my Christmas ornament and it was a darling little star that I hung in my kitchen window.

Another day, I opened a package of tissues printed like Australian dollar bills.  Then there was a tape measure shaped like a pig, a note pad with a cute puppy on it, a Koala key chain, and on the final day, a 2014 calendar of beautiful Australian land and seascapes and places of interest. 

It was so much fun opening those thoughtful, unique gifts.  I'm so glad Fiona decided to do that for me.  Sometimes it's very hard waiting from the day you open your ornament until Christmas Day when you can open your big present, lol.  At least for me it is, 'cause I love prezzies!

My big present from Fiona is a beautiful runner in lots of pretty, cheerful colors.  I love it!  My picture didn't come out too good with all the little gifts, so I put it over a chair in my living room to take another picture.  It looks so great there that I think I'll leave it there.  At least until we get past this dreary, dark, snowy, rainy weather this winter.  It brightens up my living room immensely.  Isn't it great?

So thank you, Fiona, for all the lovely gifts you sent me.  I am enjoying all of them and am so thankful for having you as my swap-from partner this year.

And thanks, as always, to Donna for continuing this great swap tradition in 2013 and to Trish for helping Donna so she would continue it.  Hope you gals were on the receiving end of some wonderful goodies, just like I was.

And to all of you, from Sharon and the kitties, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash....

 See you in 2014.


Anonymous said...

So glad you loved them all, I love the advent Pressies too. It looks gorgeous on your chair and I'm glad it's cheering you up a little with your dreary days :-) xx

Chookyblue...... said...

it's great seeing all your swap presents together......a lovely runner from Fiona........thanks for being part of the SSCS 2013......