Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I spent a little time today updating my blog.  Deleting old swaps and hops and adding in some new ones.  Closing out some old links and getting rid of old blogs I no longer read or that have discontinued posting.

There are 2 new Blog Hops starting soon.  Check on my side bar for the links to a Pincushion Hop and a 60's Hop.

Spent the weekend making some paper-pieced flying geese blocks for a Quilt of Valor we're doing over at the Quilt and Needle Forum.  It's going to be a beautiful Army Star quilt.  That's my first project this year for that group.  Now that I'm starting to sew again, I have to get back into the great charity projects we do there.

Paper piecing those blocks got me back on my computer looking for some small Fall/Halloween projects to do.  I printed out a few--now let's see if I can get them done.

It's cooler today, so the kitties have been sitting in the windows a lot today.  They like to do that a lot.  I have pictures from the last time they did it.  First Johnny, then Patsy, then both of them.  But Johnny gets bored after a while, so heads out to get in trouble playing one of his favorite with the wastebasket.

Here comes Patsy
Patsy's turn

  But..I wanna' see too.        

This is boring - time for a nap
This is more boring...what can I do?
AHA!  The wastebasket!
A perfect fit!
This is fun!

Better than that old window!

 Until next time.....
Happy quilting from Sharon and the kids, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash


MooseStash Quilting said...

She's back in the stitching chair!!! YEA!! So glad to hear your arm is healing and your able to sew again! Love your blog remodel. I found a few things that I forgot I was following! Thanks for that little reminder! :-)

Claudia said...

So glad you are starting to sew again. I am working on a Halloween quilt. Have more Halloween projects I want to sew.
Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your new projects.