Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Last of the Pictures....

I'm adding the last of the pictures today. I missed some that day when I ran out of space on my camera card and had to change to a new card. My own fault--I had forgotten to erase the card after I added the last pics to my computer. How stupid of me!! Especially since I knew I would be taking lots of pics at this trunk show. Oh well, no sense kicking myself again--it's over and I did get a lot of great shots.

So here are the different quilts made from the heart patterns:

These are from another of the new patterns--I don't remember the name.

I really like the fact that you get more than 1 style/type of quilt from the new patterns. It was nice to be able to make anything from a baby quilt up to a queen/king quilt before, but other than changing the color settings, there was not much variation in the older patterns. But with these new ones, I'm getting 3 totally different patterns - still in some different sizes-- but using up the leftover scraps. If QIAD continues to issue patterns like these, then I'll start buying patterns again.

Katie says it's about time I started "untying those jelly rolls and using them--they're not decorations, after all." I think she just likes playing with the twill tape that tied them together, lol.

Until next time...
Happy Quilting from Sharon and Katie

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