Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've Been Bad Again....

about not posting--and not because I don't have lots to show you. Just lazy, I guess--and spending too much time reading and goofing off. We lost power from 4PM to midnight 2 weeks ago, and the same quilt is still stuck under the needle on my sewing machine as it was when the power went out. I have to get that taken care of today, because I'm behind on getting my Easter Egg blocks done for a swap we're doing on Block Central's forum.

I do have lots to show you, though, just not my stuff. Here are pics from our last 2 Quilt Club days at Joan's. This is a quilt we're all making for Diane's sister, Linda, who has been in the hospital for months. We all pieced parts of it and Jane is quilting it. We hope it will lift Linda's spirits-she's been through so much.

These are 2 more of Sharon D's Christmas quilts. The colors are really gorgeous, and she did a great job of making the blocks to surround her panels.

Bonnie and her sister, Donna, made these nice bags using that Texture Magic stuff that scrunches up the fabric. I haven't tried it yet, but they say it's very easy. It must be because they've made several of these bags now--it's addicting, lol.

Here's the group hard at work-although some days it seems we do more talking that working.

Some days we work so hard, though, that Joan's kitty--our mascot--gets plumb worn out and has to do some recuperating. As you can see, she needs her rest. She's such a sweet kitty--I guess that's because she loves whipped cream and ate most of mine off my pie the other day!

Yesterday I went with friends to Pat Knoechle's presentation at O'Susannah's in Watkins Glen. I'll show you all my pictures over the next couple of days. What gorgeous quilts-great inspiration for me to get that needle back out of the quilt and get sewing again!

Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and Katie

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