Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quilt Club today at Joan's....

and the girls had more show and tell. Sharon D finished a whole bunch of projects over the last week, so she is Queen for the Day. This is her Valentines Day project . Don't you just love her Halloween quilt? I have to get that pattern! And look at her Christmas Nativity quilt-it's gorgeous.

Joan has been busy, too. Last week I went to the eye doctor's before club, so I couldn't see to sew, so I ironed for everyone. I must have pressed tons of little pieced strips for Joan, and here is the beautiful result. This is the Hugs and Kisses free pattern from QuiltPox. We used this pattern for one of my other groups to make a baby quilt for one of the members. It looks hard, but is very easy and the directions are super clear. Goes together really fast and is a great size for a baby quilt.

Joan also worked on a couple of Christmas tablerunners-only the bindings left to do. This pattern is similar to one of Eleanor Burns Quilt-in-a-Day patterns, but Joan found it on the internet and it was a freebie! Isn't it pretty?

Jane made a little boy's quilt using up leftover blocks and fabric from a sampler quilt she did last year. She is so talented and does wonderful machine quilting, too.

This is Bonnie's gorgeous pink and purple quilt. She doesn't like it, so she's going to donate it to her family reunion for a raffle. I love it! Two of my favorite colors. I tried to walk out with it under my coat this afternoon, but she caught me, lol, so I guess someone in her family will get to enjoy it.

Over at Block Central we did a Pincushion Swap and boy, did I luck out! Meg goofed when she mailed out her swap and sent it to me by mistake! So I got 2 lovely pincushions from her--but I can't show you yet--she told me to keep them and she'd make new ones for her real swap partner--so no pics til that is done. Don't want to spoil someone else's surprise. Then I received the swap from my real partner, and it is a really pretty pear pincushion from Susie. It was night when I wanted to take the picture, so I put it in the bathroom, where the light is really bright, so I'd get a good picture. Of course Katie has to be right in on everything, so I had to crop the picture to take out her whiskers, lol. Then had to get a picture of her and the pincushion. She put her seal of approval on it, so thanks, Susie, we both love it!

Tomorrow is Fat Quarter Frenzy at O'Susannah's, so have to get to bed early so I can be there bright and early in the AM, before all the good stuff is gone. So until next time...

Happy Quilting from Sharon and Katie

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Scrapatches said...

Sharon ... I love the pictures and reading about the quilty accomplishmenst of your sewing group. You gals are very talented and productive!

Your kitty is so cute. What a helper. She certainly does look like she approves of the Pear Pincushion in the way that only a contented cat can. That pincushion is adorable!

Thanks for sharing ... :-) Pat