Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have you seen the new DIY DISH network?

I watched their first video episode last week and saved the pattern for a darling cake pincushion. These 2 girls look just like Marie Osmond's twin sisters--but they swear they're not related, lol. Every week is a new video episode and they have a blog that has more info about each episode. I think they have a hit if they keep up the standard they set with their first offering. Stop over and check out their blog, their home website, and watch their videos. Episode 2 is now up to view.

Just picked up 3 quilts that Jane quilted for me. They turned out great! She has such different patterns for her new quilting machine. I'll post pictures after I get them bound. You might want to stop by her site-it's still under construction-but she does beautiful work!

Been going to Quilt Club every Wednesday at Joan's and been working on lots of blocks for swaps. These are for Block Central and a beginning to a new quilt for me. The next blocks are for a baby quilt on the Quilt and Needle Forum-part of the Quilty Aunties program. What fun it is being an "honorary auntie" for all the new babies of forum members.

Finished my St. Paddy's Day wallhanging finally but never got it on the door.
But I'll be really decorated for next year with wallhangings and tablerunners and candle mats thanks to Jane and her quilting machine. Just need to add the bindings and I'm all done.

Now I have to finish my pincushion for Block Central's swap and get my Easter Egg blocks done for the swap there, also. This has been a busy two weeks, so I haven't gotten much accomplished. Have to buckle down and get busy. Katie's been disgusted with my gallivanting, so she's taken to her bed with her "Baby".

Until next time...
Happy Quilting from Sharon and Katie

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