Sunday, January 3, 2010

New BOMS for 2010

For you Dear Jane lovers, Brenda at Dear Jane dot com is offering a free 4 1/2-inch BOM starting in January. She's been working on Dear Jane quilts for thirteen years! Can you imagine? In appreciation for sharing her Jane Journey, she's offering this new BOM that can be appliqued or embroidered. I'm saving it, but whether I'll ever get to a Dear Jane quilt--who knows? Especially since I've been saving all the Midget Blocks (90 of them so far) over at Sentimental Stitches. Plus I've been saving the Jane's Redwork Embroidery blocks. Take some time and spend a while on Gay's website-she has tons of wonderful information, plus she offers lots of great free patterns.

The Rabbit Factory has their new January 2010 applique block up now. It's beautiful-I wish I had time to do that one, too. You can still download from the August 2009 block, up to today's.

Cheryl Goss at Willowberry Designs is starting a new embroidery BOM on January 4th. 'Under the Sea' a 10 month Design of the month - Free in 2010. Month 1 - Josephine the Jellyfish . Like all Cheryl's designs, it'll be gorgeous!

Cheryl is also one of the Gum Tree Designers. Did you know that each of the 8 designers are giving a free pattern from January through to August? That means 8 new designs for us for free! Then in October their Christmas freebies start all over again. What wonderful ladies!

And speaking of wonderful ladies, I promised to share with you the terrific Christmas gift my friend Mary, made me. Every year she makes me a wonderful creation to decorate my home. This little kitty was part of this year's gift. She said it reminded her of Katie.

Last year she made me this gorgeous Santa for my front door! Isn't he beautiful? You can click on the picture for a closer view.

The year before that she made me this cute Winter Kitties wall quilt. I hang it on my desk front so everyone can enjoy it along with me. All my cat friends (and DD) love it! And so do I!

And this year she outdid herself! She copied the front of a T-shirt I bought in Florida and wore to Quilt Club at her house just before Christmas. She is so talented, she doesn't even need a pattern--she makes them herself. She looks at something, then gets an idea in her head, and then translates it to fabric! Isn't she something? Here is this year's wonderful gift. I was happy to see that she changed the words on the t-shirt to something more appropriate for the wallhanging, lol. The t-shirt said "Naughty" (I also bought one that said "Nice"), and you all know that I'm not naughty, hehe, but Mary changed the word to "JOY"-much better for the season. Although Katie thought since SHE was the subject of the picture that the words were about her! And of course, she is never naughty.

I already showed you the lovely gifts I received from Gai in Chookyblue's SSCS, now I can finally show you what I made Julie, who was my swap partner. Julie says she's mad for chooks, so I had to shower her with chooky gifts, lol. I found a really neat chook fabric, so I used it and made her a reversible tablerunner, a tea bag wallet, and a tissue holder all in that fabric. At an antique mall that I visited with my friends, Linda D and Carol M, I found the coolest set of tin Rooster hooks, so they had to go into Julie's Christmas package. And in another little store, we found some really cute paper napkin sets with Roosters on them. So of course they had to be added also. And I had to add in some sweet drinks from the states, so lots of different teas, cocoas, and some really delicious hot apple drinks all went into the package, too. I hope she likes it all, 'cause I had a ball putting it together!

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to sewing and stitching again. So until next time.....

Happy Quilting from Sharon and Katie

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The Quilting Pirate said...

I love your yearly BOM post!! :) Not like I can commit to any this year, but it's always cool to know what is out there!

I have that kitty panel in my UFO many projects not enough time!