Monday, May 25, 2009

We have a new baby in the family....

This must be the Mom-time for bringing home new babies, 'cause we got one, too. Our DD brought over our new furry grandbaby on Mom's Day--a little white Jack Russell Terrier named Holly. She's really cute, too, but boy does she have lots of energy. And she's not as good in the house yet as she should be, she poo'd on the living room rug once and on the bathroom floor twice, and pee'd, too--even though we took her out to do her business--yuck! But DD says she's still a baby and she'll get better.

She is all white except for some little brown freckles on her ears and one big brown spot in the middle of her back.

Katie had to slap her a few times, 'cause she kept yipping into her face and bouncing all around her like a Jack-in-the-Box. Katie is very low-key and not used to being with such a noisy, young, whippersnapper. But now Holly is learning that Katie is boss, and Holly is only VISITING!

We had to babysit Holly overnight and tried to put her in the kennel so we didn't have to worry about her while we slept, but she cried and cried. DD said we had to take her to bed with us, so I put her in bed with hubby when he went, but he's such a restless sleeper that she kept coming back out. I finally got her to sleep on my chest (yep, she's like every baby, loves those boobies, hehe) while I watched TV in my chair. Once she was asleep, I put her back in the middle of our bed with hubby. She snuggled up against his arm and they were both death to the world.

When I went to bed, she woke up for a minute and then crawled up into my neck and chest (yep, after the boobies again) and settled back in. Of course, I didn't get much sleep all night, but that hot little body sure kept me warm. Katie followed me to bed and was not happy to find an interloper cuddled up to HER mommy in HER bed, but she finally settled down on the foot of the bed for the night.

In all the excitement, I completely forgot about taking pictures of Holly and Katie, so when I do get some taken, I'll post them here. Holly went home to DD's the next day and Grandma took a really long nap. Sigh! Guess I'm not as young as I used to be. But Katie was happy to have the bed to ourselves while we napped, lol.

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Piwacket said...

Oh, what a cutie! Thanks for leaving a comment about her on my blog. Yeah, those pups are a lot like human babies. Not like us cats. Just throw us some food and show us the litter pan and then stay out of our way unless we tell you otherwise!