Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Swaps

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I've been completeing swaps and starting on new ones. The newest one I found is over on Sandra's blog, Quilt at Home, where she is hosting a Summer Pincushion Swap. Since I've started to get into pincushions lately, it seemed a perfect fit for something new and different. I received 2 neat pincushions in my last couple of swaps and am starting to collect different patterns to try. I even went out and bought some wool to play with. Who knows where this will take me.

I mailed out my Doll Quilt 6 Swap quilt to Tracy in California 2 weeks ago. She received it and emailed back that she loves it. I'm so glad. It was a fun little quilt to make and I enjoyed picking out and sewing on some cute little bee and dragonfly buttons. I called it Dots of Spring in the Garden because the fabrics all had flowers or polka dots in them and were so bright and cheerful. I imagined the green as a garden just coming to life with all the wonderful colors of Spring--yellows, pinks, blues, and reds. I printed my label on the computer and fused it on--it's so much easier than sewing it on. And in my package I included a package of Thangles and some fat quarters. I like the looks of the quilt so much, I think I'll make one for my entry table for summer. What do you think? Doesn't it look Springy---or Summery?

My other swap was Toni's Miniature Booty Swap 3. So far I haven't heard that my package arrived safely, but I think it's okay to show you the wallhanging and the matching towel I made to go with it. This is all applique, which I love. But I'm not anywhere near to being an expert at it. Now my friend, Mary, she's the expert! She's tried to teach me all her tricks, but sometimes these darn hands of mine just will not cooperate. My new Elna sewing machine has a blanket stitch on it that I just love! And I've been putting it to good use lately, so I am improving. This is the wallhanging with just a little ribbon-like first border for accent before the main border. My towel took some thinking about, but I finally ended up just making a bunch of four-patches and sewing them together and topstitching them to the towel. I think it turned out pretty good for my first try. We had to include one of our favorite recipes in this swap, so I sent along Mary's Pear Salad recipe. It's yummy in summer and a sweet treat in winter. I also found a darling set of wooden blocks with a rooster and a chicken stenciled on them and tied with a bow that I added to the package. And just for fun, I threw in 2 funky chicken candy holders that I found in the grocery store. I just couldn't resist them, but I had to hide them from Katie, 'cause she kept trying to play with them. Aren't they cute?

I received my gift in the Booty Swap from Shelly in PA, who made this darling quilt for me. It fits perfectly on a wire hanger I already had, so it went right up on my kitchen wall. She also made me this matching towel that's too nice to use, so I just have it on display.

I really enjoy doing these swaps. They get my creative juices flowing and make me try things (and fabrics) outside my comfort zone. Now I'm waiting impatiently for my Doll Quilt to get here. I can't wait to see what my partner made for me. That's another reason I enjoy the swaps so much--I get to see other quilters' work and choices. Each swap is a learning experience for me.

And on a final note...I won half of the April Happy Blocks in my Block Central HB Swap. April's block was a WOW center square with a pink border fabric to remember and honor breast cancer survivors. There were 17 of us in the swap and we each made 6 blocks. So my half of the blocks came to 51 blocks. I'm thrilled because I have a couple of baby/little girl quilts to make, so these will come in very handy.

That's it until I have more pictures to show of my next swaps. Katie and I are working hard on them now, so we should have more pictures soon. In the meantime, though, Katie says it's time for bed, so we can get an early start tomorrow again. So until next time...

Happy Quilting,
Sharon and Katie


Piwacket said...

You sure made up for not posting in awhile by creating a wonderful post this time. I love all the swap ideas, and your blanket stitch is really good! I also like the cute little additions you make to your packages. Congratulations on your win! I've thought about things I'd like to do quilty-wise to get out of my box and swaps was something that had not occurred to me. Thanks for the inspiration. Give Katie a chin scratch for me.

Rhonda said...

Hey girlfriend. I'm in that Pincushion swap too.
Boy, have you been busy. Love the quilt you received and the one you mailed out.
BTW, you're a great swap hostess!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had a good friend like "Mary" -------!!