Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year !

My family's holidays are now officially over and I must say I'm happy to have some quiet time ahead. Time to regroup and take a look at the projects I didn't finish last year and see if I really want to do them now or just skip them entirely. I do know I'm going to cut back on my swap list. Too many deadlines, too close together, and I get too stressed. I really enjoyed all the swaps I participated in, but I have to realize I can't do them all, no matter how much I want to. I do love the Happy Blocks swap each month on Block Central, so that one I'll stay with. It's a great way to use up stash and try different theme combinations, plus I have orphan blocks for quickie gifts.

Toni's Miniature Booty Swap Special Holiday Edition was fun, especially when I found out that John (whose name I had) had me in Doll Quilt Swap 5! I had been reading his blog and watching the progress on his give-away quilt for ideas on the quilt I had to make for him, when lo, and behold! I received my DQS5 in the mail and it was John's! How funny to have each other in different swaps. When he got my MBSSHE quilt he sure was confused for a minute. And to make things more ironic--he's originally from New York, too.

This is the lovely quilt John made me for DQS5 shown by 2 of his darling children. And this is a closeup of the quilt. I love it!

Here is the quilt I made John for his MBSSHE gift. I used a pattern called First Snow designed by Chris Malone. This was a fun project EXCEPT for hand sewing on all those buttons! If I make it again, I think I'll skip the line of buttons and just use the falling snowflake ones. This is my label. I love making them on the computer now. I can personalize every one differently and use any colors I want. The hardest part was sewing them on, but now I've purchased the iron-on labels from Printed Treasures, so that problem is eliminated.

I received my gift in Toni's MBSSHE from Cheryl in Maryland-what a beautiful Christmas Card Holder. I put it to good use right away and hung it on my livingroom wall. Thanks so much, Cheryl; it's decorative and useful! Love it!

My gift to Bonnie in DQS5 was this little quilt made from 1 1/2-inch HST's in Fall colors. I had started a lap quilt and a wallhanging for myself from these colors in the Maple Leaf block, but never finished them. I had lots of these HST's left over, so I started laying them out in different ways. Next thing I know, they were pinwheels. I had a piece of fabric in complimentary colors with little flowers on it, so my "Pinwheel Posies" quilt was born. This is the smallest quilt I've ever's only about 12-inches square. Those little pieces were really a challenge to work with. Bonnie emailed me that she really likes it, so I'm happy.

I was lucky enough to have my own personal Angel this Christmas, too.
Her name is Lisa and she lives in Australia. When Kate needed an angel for her Another Little Quilt Swap because someone disappeared, Lisa volunteered. And boy, am I glad she did! She made me the cutest little log cabin quilt. The colors are wonderful and I can't wait to hang it! Right now I have it draped over my stereo speaker so everyone can see it. It's funny, but when I checked the ALQS blog to see the quilts as Kate posted them, when this one was added I was really attracted to it and kept thinking "I hope mine's as neat as that". Isn't life funny sometimes-my wish came true. Thanks, Lisa, you are the best!

So from our home to yours, may your New Year's be bright and filled with good health and happiness. Until next time....

Happy Quilting,
Sharon and Katie


Shelly said...

Very cute mini quilts.

The Quilting Pirate said...

WOW!! You are a swap-a-holic!!! hehehe, what wonderful gifts!!