Friday, January 24, 2014

Charity Sew-In tonight...and you're invited...

A cyber-quilting-bee to benefit your favorite charity! A chance to "give back" by making quilts for those who need the comfort that only a quilt can give.
If you’re looking for a chance to “give back”, to bless someone who needs to have their spirits lifted, someone who needs to know that someone cares for them, join us this Friday, January 24th, 6:00 PM CST as we come together for the first 4th Friday Snug Society Sew-In!  We’ll gather at a “cyber-quilting-bee” on Facebook (  )
to create blocks, piece tops, sandwich and quilt to create quilts to pass forward to those who need them.

Find a worthy cause in your town and start sewing. Get together with your quilting friends and make a party of it. I guarantee your heart will be warmed by the experience.

If you don’t know of an organization that you want to help, then we invite you to join the Snug Society in our on-going quilt projects ( to benefit:

(1) Harmony Home (, a counseling center for abused children in Texas;

(2) Pine Ridge Native American Reservation ( in South Dakota; and

(3) Quilts of Valor (

Let’s get together and do what we do best – share the comfort of a quilt with those who need this comforting most! 
Here are pics of the last 3 quilts I worked on and sent to Pine Ridge:


I'll be there tonight...hope to see you, too.
Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and the Marmalade Kitties

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