Friday, September 21, 2012

Are you dotty yet? The

Blog Hop is almost over.  Today is the last day to visit the final group of bloggers and see their dotty creations.  I've had so much fun over the last 10 days of postings seeing all the creative ways the bloggers have used their polka dotted fabrics.  Got lots of inspiration, too, and some really neat projects to make.  Thanks to Madam Samm from Sew We Quilt for coming up with all these fun hops and to Head Dot, Corrie,  from Quilt Taffy, who was the leader of this hop, for all her hard work scheduling and keeping track of all the bloggers.  This has been another fun experience in quiltland.  If you haven't been following along before, head on over now to Quilt Taffy where the schedule is and click and visit all the participants.   Plus, here is a Pinterest link with all the projects in one place, courtesy of our head cheerleader, Madam Samm:

 And don't forget...coming up next on October 1st is the Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop that I will be wetting my feet in. It'll be my very first participation in a blog hop and I've been really nervous about my projects not being up to par with the beautiful work we've seen in other hops.  But since Fall is my favorite time of year, I just couldn't resist.  So I jumped straight into the fire and signed up.  The girls and I have been diligently working on our projects, but Katie is afraid we'll never get our Christmas presents made if we don't quit taking on new projects.  Boy, she is such a taskmaster...or is it taskmistress?  But Patsy Cline said she would help pick up any slack, (yeah, sure she will-just look how she holds down the ironing board, lol)
so we finish everything on time, so...wish me well with my projects, won't you?  Here is a sneak peek at one of them - Katie helped pick out the fabric.  Don't you like her choices?
My day is Day 5, with one of my favorite internet buddies, Joan at Moosestash Quilting.  Our Fall hop will be lead by cheerleader Cherry at .  Make sure you remember to watch for all the fun blocks, tutorials, and prizes from this hop.  See you there.

And next, for those Halloween fanatics out there, (yes, I am one of you - it's my second favorite holiday) don't forget the Wicked Blog Hop starting October 22nd. 

More to follow on that later.

And.finally....the Something Wicked This Way Comes from Whims and Fancies.  This is a paper pieced blog hop with an all Halloween theme.  Starting October 1st, each day a different designer will post a unique PP block they have designed.  You'll be able to download and save or print each block for your own use in the future.  Isn't that going to be fun?  31 fabulous designers have signed up, so make sure you mark your calendar for this one! 

Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and the girls, Katie and Patsy Cline

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