Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HELP !!!!!!!!!! My iron's not working...

To a quilter that can be the worst thing that can happen on any given day. Our irons are our most trusted companions. They steam those tricky seams and press out all the wrinkles in that gorgeous new fabric we just washed. We use it for our fusibles and for applique, and yes, once in a while we have to press hubby's shirt with it (sigh). So we need a great iron and need to keep it in tip-top condition. Today SewCalGal has a fantastic post about the care and cleaning of your iron. She's put together everything you need to know, complete with videos pulled from other sources, about keeping that hard to replace, perfect iron working properly and cleanly. I'm going to save her whole post so I'll have it in the future when it's time to clean my iron. So hop on over there and get educated before your treasured iron bites the dust.

We had sewing at the fire hall a couple of weeks ago and made the new Izzy Bag by Marlous Designs as our project for the day.  Here are some pictures of the bags we made.

More of the girls are still working on their bags, but we got the pattern at our LQS, O'Susannah's in Watkins Glen, NY.   Someone is going to make them for Christmas gifts, but I can't say who.

Here is a picture of the baby quilt I made for my friend Carol's new grandbaby that's coming soon.  They know it's a girl, so I got to make it in one of my favorite colors - pink.  Jane quilted it for me, but you can't really see the design in the picture.  And that's a piece of Ann's quilt that is showing behind it on the side, lol, it's not really blue and yellow binding.  See--once in a while I do get something finished.

Oh, don't forget to check out the Bowls with Borders Blog Hop that started yesterday.  Some gorgeous bowls are showing up.

Until next time...
Happy quilting from Sharon and the girls, Katie and Patsy Cline

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SewCalGal said...

What a cute post Sharon. Sorry to hear your iron isn't working.
Love your bags. They'd certainly make excellent Christmas gifts. Great idea!