Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let's be reasonable...

is the title of a post from a blog I follow by Sheryl at Quilting Tizzy.  I have to say I agree with all her conclusions, which is why I am posting her button and the links to her post here. 

It's up to you to read all the materials involved and decide how you feel about the issue of whether a fabric or pattern designer has the right to control the use of the fabric in their design lines or their patterns.  My feeling is this:  once I buy the fabric or pattern, it's mine, and I can use it any way I want - whether to make items for myself and family or to sell.  Especially fabric.  If I have to face the possibility of a lawsuit because I made a quilt or tote bag and sold it to a friend (or anyone)  from a fabric that is "restricted", I'm not gonna' buy it. 

So go and read Sheryl's post and her other connected posts and see what you think about this growing "restriction" issue.  If you agree with us, post her button on your blog, too. 

Sharon and the girls, Katie and Patsy Cline


Nanette said...

Sharon, I agree if I buy the fabric I can do with it what I want, if I want to make something to sell then I can. I would say that we can't duplicate the fabric by scanning and printing that I have seen, but I do not agree with the "for personal use only" and would probably not buy fabric that said that on the selvage to show the fabric co and designers how I feel.

MooseStash Quilting said...

My personal feelings are that a mistake was made and measures were put in place to keep it from happening again. The economy is tight, and I am sure some great lawyer felt the need to pad his/her own pocket, like most of the politicians in this country! But that's another story. Gheez, can we just sew our little patches and call it a day without litigation????? :-)

Doreen said...

I agree with all that and, also, must say that when the designer sells the motif to the mills for the printing-then does it become the property of the mill??? Then it is purchased by the LQS-is it the property of the LQS??? Then I purchase the yardgoods-is it my property???? Just wonderin'!