Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 OPAM or One Project A Month...

Two years ago I signed up for the OPAM Challenge and did fairly well on completing projects.  Then last year I didn't get in by the deadline, but I thought, "I can still participate, but just on my own".  HAH!!!   I find if I don't have a deadline or some one to push me a little, I can be a very lazy crafter!!  It's so easy to just sit at the computer and cruise the web, or play games, or do jigsaw puzzles--anything, other than work on projects.  So this year when I saw Kris and Peg were taking signups again, I hurried over and signed up.  I have tons of UFO's to get finished and I need that little extra excouragement to keep my nose to the grindstone.
The idea of the “One Project A Month Challenge is pretty simple ... To try to finish at least ONE craft project by the end of each month. This can be something you’ve had partly done for a while (a Work In Slow Progress WISP), a pattern you bought ages ago that you finally get around to making up, or a completely new project. This is meant to be a low-stress challenge  - if you don’t finish a project every month  - that’s fine! Sometimes life interferes with our plans. Some projects are meant to be long-term and have a LOT of work involved, like a quilt or an embroidery. The main aim of the OPAM Challenge is to give everyone a bit of a motivational boost and to give us all a big cheer squad to encourage and inspire us.
So with help from my friends in OPAM-ville, this year I hope to have lots and lots of finished projects.  I'm off to a good start so far, lol, I have one project already done.  I can't show it yet, because it's part of a swap and hasn't been delivered yet.  But I'll post a pic as soon as I know my friend, ------------, has received it.
Until next time,
Happy Quilting from Sharon, Katie, and Patsy Cline

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MooseStash Quilting said...

Looks to me like OPAM's are are going to be a bit tough if your girls don't get off of them so you can work on em!! hahahaha