Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas in July........

a swap by Karen Martin, was so much fun. Marsha over at Everybody Loves Clark and I had each other, but we didn't know it 'til our packages arrived at each other's houses, lol. Marsha made me a gorgeous stocking made from a felted sweater and filled it with wonderful gifts. A felted ice cream cone that hides a tape measure, some frosted purple fabric, purple buttons, and a purple tassel (can you guess purple is my favorite color?) A fantastic cross-stitched kitty ornament that looks just like Katie (who thinks it's pretty cool, too). A wonderful scrap catcher that is now sitting on the arm of my chair so it can hold my embroidery thread scraps.
A pattern to make a quilt and a tote bag, a handmade card, and a yummy recipe for lemon cake. Plus, some gingerbread cookies and a wonderful candle wallhanging that will be perfect for the real Christmas season.
What a super package to receive!

My package to Marsha included a Mary Engelbritt journal (M for Marsha), notepad, and tissues, some doll and quilt patterns, a package of Santa Claus gift cards,
specialty coffee made in New York State, buttons, a recipe for Mary's pear salad, a flag rubber stamp, a tapestry Christmas patch, a blue fat quarter (her favorite color), a fabric panel with Christmas labels, Christmas tissues, Christmas pin, and a hand stitched Christmas ornament.

After I wrapped everything, I put them all in a quilted tote bag with a Christmas sowman on the front and mittens on the back.

I was really pleased with how well my ornament turned out, since it was the first one I've made. I just started stitching again after a 20-year break.

I'm finding a lot more satisfaction in embroidery stitching than I ever did in cross-stitch or crewel. Of course, it could be the time of my life, too. When I was younger and working, I never had the time to sit and stitch. Now, I can relax with my friends and chat and stitch. It's a lot more fun now.

I'll leave you with one more image from Christmas in July: Katie snooping to see if she's missed out on anything.

Until next time...
Happy Quilting from Sharon and Katie

Friday, July 17, 2009

I've been so bad...

I haven't posted in over a month! I can't believe where the time has gone. I've been busy with my Quilt Club, and Give-A-Hug Club, and the swap I hosted for The Quilted Table Yahoo group, plus the other swaps I'm involved in. It's been a busy time and I've accomplished a lot.

These are my summer's Happy Blocks for Block Central's swap group.
June was a sports theme
July's theme was roses
and August's theme was bright colors . And would you believe that I won the July blocks? I'm now collecting lovely squishies from my mailbox every day. This time I'm collecting 50 to 54 blocks from my HB pals. Now I've got to get busy and start putting them together into quilts. In the 11 months I've been doing them, I've won 3 times! How cool is that? I won Fall colors blocks in November, Pink blocks in February, and now the July roses blocks. I can't believe how lucky I've been with these blocks--I never win anything.

We did a Patriotic/Friendship Tablerunner/Tabletopper Swap over on The Quilted Table. I received a wonderful funky Patriotic chicken from Kim, a Patriotic candle, some red-white-and blue Fat Quarters shaped like stars and bundled together, and the neatest casserole carrier I've ever seen. Plus, a gorgeous tablerunner and a beautiful travel mug. Aren't these wonderful? I love them all! Thanks, Kim.

My swap to Dorothy had a tableruuner made up of individual stars and held together and decorated with star buttons, a Patriotic tea towel and bag clip, a candle in blue glass, and a Sunflower pin. She emailed me that she was very happy with her gifts.

I also joined in the Summer Pincusion Swap held by Sandra at Quilt at Home. Gina in the Netherlands was my swap partner. I received a beautiful purple and green pincushion with a little cat on top. Gina made it to look just like Katie, and it does! It's darling! She also sent me some rick-rack that matches the Dutch fabrics she included. Gina even made Katie 2 little mice to play with-a green one and a purple one--my favorite colors! And she included a postcard from her town and some Dutch chocolate. YUM!

What a lovely package. I love swapping internationally--you receive such different things from crafters in other countries.

My pincushion to Jeannette in New Zealand was not nearly as fancy. It was my first try, so I can only get better. The front is pink with a green back and decorated with buttons. Her favorite colors are pink and green, so I included some assorted pink and green strips and some green fat quarters. I added some Thangles, which she had heard about but never seen, and a Mary Englebritt journal, notepad, and tissues, and a packet of needles. Jeannette said she was very happy with her package, even though her pincushion was my first one. In fact, she has already used the fabric strips I sent her for some new items for her home and for gifts. Check out her blog , Serendipity Designs, to see her project.

Tomorrow I'll show you pictures from Mrs. Martin's Christmas in July Swap, so stay tuned.....

Sharon and Katie